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  • Back to School Health Tips

    child washing hands at school

    Break out the lunch boxes and the three-ring binders, back-to-school season is upon us again! Amid the mad dash for backpacks, pencil cases and the rapidly approaching school bus, it’s easy to forget about the health concerns of going back to school. Back-to-school time is also prime time for germs and bugs; an enormous number […]

  • Deer Ticks & Lyme Disease


    Though their bites are typically harmless, deer ticks – found on deer, mice, and other small rodents – pose a major threat to your health because they can carry the often debilitating bacterial infection Lyme disease. With the warm weather increasing the reproduction of these pesky parasites, an influx of reported tick bites and cases […]

  • Summer Health: Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac

    Poison Ivy Plant

    There’s something about the summer sun that makes you crave time outdoors. Going outside in the summer, unfortunately, increases your risk of skin irritation from poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak. An oil coating the leaves called Urushiol creates an allergic reaction in as little as 12 hours after contact. Though rare, the following symptoms indicate […]

  • 5 Gluten Myths Debunked

    Nurse and patient

    While there is a lot of talk about the ‘universal health benefits’ of going gluten-free, there are many aspects of the lifestyle that most people are still unsure or unaware about. We believe that there is some truth out there, but that it is also important to clear the air on some of the bigger […]

  • Avoid Stomach Troubles While Overseas


    Strolling the streets of Paris or taking in the scenery in the Greek islands are great ways to spend a summer vacation abroad. But with all the memories you’ll be making, don’t make the mistake of getting sick. Going abroad comes with its own set of health dangers, and the Centers for Disease Control and […]

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